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Day 796: Wintinna Creek – Pootnoura

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 12 - 2012

Distance: 115.32 km
Ridetime: 6:28:45
Average: 17.8 km/h
Max speed: 27.4 km/h
Total distance: 14909 km

After yesterday’s slow day I was expecting another day with head wind, and I got it. At least for a start.

It took almost 3 hours to cycle the 37 km to the Cudney Homestead, the last gas station before Coober Pedy. I met a friendly Dutch guy who had been working there for two months and planning to stay another two. I asked if they had any cattle or just the gas station. He said there was cattle on the property, but he wanted to work inside in air condition. Missing out on a lot of fun stuff I would say!

Trees are disappearing fast from the landscape and finding shade is getting hard. The drains that run under the road are usually a good source for a bit of shade when in need.

The only real city between Alice Springs and Port Augusta is Cooper Pedy which I should reach tomorrow around noon. I might get a chance to sleep in a real bed again for a change. I’m still doing fine on the bread, oats and bananas I got from Alice Springs, but it would be a nice with some variation from the supermarket there as well.

I found the usual rest area for the night. I’m not sure if it is allowed to camp at these areas as it was in the Northern Territory. I took my chance anyway. Just as I was pitching my tent, two Australian miners pulled up in their car and started their BBQ. “Cycling around the world.. haven’t you got anything better to do?” was the response when I told about the trip. The comment was all forgiven when I was invited to join the BBQ! I haven’t had a a piece of meat in a while and I enjoyed every bite.

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