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Day 807 – 809: Adelaide

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 19 - 2012

Sleeping in a real bed, having access to electricity and a shower – after travelling through the Outback these things feel like luxury. While I stayed with my friend Sasi and his family in a suburb of Adelaide I enjoyed their company and the luxury very much!

As Sasi and his family are form India there were of course many stories to be told about my time there. It was also like being back in India to have Idli for breakfast and other good (and spicy!) Indian food.

Sasi is a volunteer with the cost guard. One day we went to see his office – an office with a view!

I also had to sample the ice cream from this place :-)

The next day I took the train to Adelaide city center. I’m still having a very hard time relating the Christmas decorations with the 30°C temperatures we are enjoying these days.

Adelaide is a lovely city. I especially like the location right at the ocean. This is something I have been missing all the time in the outback.

On the final day I washed the bike, recharged the electronics, and stocked up on food. With the legs having enjoyed 3 days of rest I’m now looking forward to the next stage to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road!

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