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Day 810: Adelaide – Wellington

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 21 - 2012

Distance: 120.28 km
Ridetime: 6:01:17
Average: 20.0 km/h
Max speed: 48.9 km/h
Total distance: 16014 km

In the morning I said goodbye to Sasi and his family, thanking them for an amazing stay in Adelaide! While I had been very tired when I arrived at Sasi’s place four days ago, I was now feeling well rested and ready for new adventures.

The first adventure was to find my way out of Adelaide. To leave the city you have to do some climbing. It was not allowed to cycle on the main highway (not that i would have liked to) so I was left with a lot of choices of small roads going into the mountains. On my map it was difficult to see exactly how small they were, so I ended up on a dirt road that climbed at what seemed like 20%. I had trouble pushing my bike up that hill!

Luckily I soon found a better road and was on my way through the valleys.

At some point I noticed a problem with my pedal. It was becoming loose every 5 km even though I tried to tighten it with a screwdriver. In the next small town I surprisingly found a bike shop (there are not many of them in Australia). The owner quickly found the right tool and soon my pedals were working great again. And it was even free – that’s why I like to be on the country side, people are simply nice out here!


At the end of the day I took the short 3 minute ferry across the River Murray before finding a place to pitch my tent.

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