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Cycling Around The World Day 858: Fox Glacier

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Feb - 15 - 2013

Luckily I had wild camped so many nights lately that there was ‘room’ in the budget to pay for another night at the Fox Glacier Inn Hostel. Today the We(s)t Coast lived up to it’s name: It was raining all day.

Compared to my usual vagabond lifestyle, even a night in a hostel feels like luxury these days. It doesn’t take much!

Apart from cycling have been doing a small freelance programming job that makes me put in the hours when I can. With that in mind a rainy day is a even a good thing for the expedition as it gives me a chance to earn a few bucks and rest the legs at the same time. Not bad at all. I still hope to see the sun tomorrow again though!

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