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Day 1159-1168: Buenos Aires

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 13 - 2013

Back in Buenos Aires I was invited to a local school to gave a talk.. in Spanish! Hope the kids understood at least a little of what I was saying. Lots of questions, and this one from a 12 year old: “What happens if you meet a girl and fall in love when you are cycling”. Love and passion is on every ones mind in Argentina 🙂

My new celebrity status continued for the next days. I heard that the 6th grade boys were now all planning their own cycling around the world trip, and I kept getting fan mail from the girls. Never thought I would become a teenage idol in Argentina 🙂

I have also never been eating this much meat in my life. It seemed like there was another BBQ to attend every night, and when the people here do BBQ it is with style!

Since I had just spent months working in the Australian outback and I plan to go to Patagonia next, I also took advantage of being in a big city and enjoyed a bit of the local night life.

Some memorable days in Buenos Aires indeed!

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Martin says:

    Hej Thomas!
    I’m so glad you enjoyed your stay in BA!
    Hope you meet LUCGers in Ushuaia too. (The LU8XW crew there).
    Best 73 and keep going!

    Martin, LU5DX

  2. Thomas says:

    Yes Martin, what a time in BA. Can’t wait to be back 🙂 Now enjoying life on the road in Tierra del Fuego!