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Day 1169-1171: Montevideo, Uruguay

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 16 - 2013

I had, after much consideration, decided that I wanted to begin my South American cycling trip in Ushuaia, the southern tip of Argentina. This resulted in some practical challenges as my trusty Bianchi road bike probably wouldn’t like the dirt roads down there. I decided it was time to give the Italian a break and go look for a mountain bike for the Patagonian challenge. It then turned out that bikes are much cheaper in Uruguay than in Argentina, so I went for a shopping trip across the border.

My new love, a Scott Aspect 750.

It was not easy to give up the Bianchi which has taken me 20000 km across the world, but sometimes it is time to try something new. The first kilometers I rode around Montevideo felt promising, but the real test will come on the dirt roads in the south.

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5 Responses so far.

  1. Martin says:

    Hej Thomas!
    The Scott looks really nice. Hope it rolls all okay on route 40!
    Best 73 de LU5DX

  2. sham 9w2occ says:

    time to roll with new adventure,,,
    happy cranking Thomas,,,
    7 3 and keep safe,,,

  3. Thanks a lot guys! After 500 km on Tierra del Fuego I can say that the Scott works great!

  4. Hi Thomas!

    All the best for you in 2014!
    Enjoy the new bike.

    73´s de Carlos CX5CBA

  5. Thanks a lot Carlos! And what a shame we couldn’t meet in CX. Next time! 73 and mery xmas! Thomas OZ1AA