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Day 1224, Cochrane – Rio Baker: Sunshine!

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Feb - 02 - 2014

Distance: 83.06 km
Ride time: 6:24:27
Average: 12.98 km/h
Total: 22376 km

Yesterday I had checked my email and received some bad news from home. This is the absolute hardest part of traveling – you just can’t be at two places at once.

Michael, my Danish cycling mate, was going to look for a ride to the next city to buy a tent. All busses were full so instead the locals suggested that he went to the radio station and made an announcement. 15 minutes after the request was broadcasted, a guy showed up at the camp site. I love how it works in these small towns.

The weather was a very rare combination of blue skies and no wind. I decided to cycle north towards the next village. The views over Rio Baker and Lago Bertrand were absolutely amazing with the blue sky as the background.

I reached a point where construction workers were improving the road. All vehicles would have to wait 3 hours before the road would open again. I wasn’t sorry as a break is always welcome on the bike – especially when you have daylight until 22 pm.

I talked to a friendly couple from Argentina who were traveling in a camper van. I was given coffee and after explaining about my journey I also had a place to stay once I reach Esquel a few weeks further north. I love the people of Patagonia!

When the road reopened the beautiful landscapes continued throughout the day. For the night I found a good place to pitch my tent near a river. Cycling in Patagonia on day like this was the perfect therapy to deal with the difficult news from home.

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