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Day 1430 – 1431: Rainy Cuzco Days

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Aug - 21 - 2014

Back in Cuzco the weather was changing… instead of the constant sunshine I had been experiencing over the last months, it was now cloudy and rainy. I good excuse to enjoy another cup of coffee in one of the many cafés in town.

For half a year I have been following the Once Once Upon a Saga adventure over at Thorbjørn (a fellow Dane) is on a quest to visit every country in the world in a single journey without flying! As luck would have it, we would both be in Cuzco at the same time, and we decided to meet for lunch over some very interesting conversations.

Later we hiked up to the Saksaywaman inca ruin above Cuzco – if you have troubles pronouncing that name, you could just say sexy woman instead 🙂 The entrance ticket price was ridiculous (we are both on a 20 dollars a day budget) but we somehow managed to sneak into the ruins without paying.

Thorbjørn is an ambassador for the Red Cross, and Peru is his 53rd country. Check out his website above, well worth to follow!

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