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Day 1432 – 1433: Puno

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Aug - 22 - 2014

It was another long 8 hour bus ride back to Puno where my bicycle was waiting. Once again I had chosen the cheapest company, and once again it was not exactly an enjoyable ride. I’m looking forward to get back on the bike by now!

When I had arrived in Puno the first time I had found the central plaza and pedestrian streets very charming. Now, after visiting Cuzco, I must admit the same city center seemed slightly more ordinary.

Down at the plaza the campesinos where conducting a demonstration.

I’m still doing a bit of programming work now and then, and with the heavy rain clouds hanging over the city, this was a good chance get a few more things done. Furthermore, internet is much faster her in Peru than in Bolivia.

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