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Day 2158, Alicante – El Verger: Coastal Holiday Trail

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jan - 04 - 2017

Distance: 96.1 km
Ride time: 5:12:41
Average: 18.5 km/h
Max speed: 48.6 km/h
Total: 54887 km

We are back in full-on holiday country on the Spanish coast between Alicante and Barcelona. The beaches keep coming, and sometimes we are even able to follow a bike path right next to the water. Once again I keep thinking that I’m a world away from cycling through mud hut villages in Africa. Oh well, I’m grateful that I got to see so different sides of this world that we live in.

Even though we are back on the coast the route continues to be hilly – up and down all day resulting in some 1100 meters of vertical climbing. The view is beautiful, often with a white village or a pristine turquoise blue beach showing up around the next corner.

Benidorm is a place as touristy as they get with plenty of British and other northern European retirees around. Even then, we found a charming square with locals playing chess in the shade. This area of Spain might be full of tourists, but there is a reason why they all come – its just a great place!

A final climb later and we arrived at our destination for the day, the kite surfing beach of El Verger. Manon, an avid kite surfer herself, was keen to go in, but the prices are really quite a bit higher than in South America.

For now we were content enough with an evening swim before putting up our tent at a camp site across the road. I would like to do more wild camping, but the beaches in this part of Spain are so developed that camp sites seem to be the place to go for now.

Tomorrow we will be cycling into Valencia – another one of Spain’s impressive cities.

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5 Responses so far.

  1. Suzanne Jager says:

    Everything is so beautiful!! How lucky you two are to experience all the wonders with world holds!! Just thankful that I found you and your adventures, thank you so much!!!

  2. Doug K1DG says:

    I wish I knew you were passing through Alicante. EA5RS lives there and is a great host. If you go back that way let me know!

  3. Are they cycle lanes in the middle of the road?

  4. Hi Stephen! Yes, as we cycled into Benidorm the cycle lane was in the middle of the road – but just for a kilometer, then it moved to the side of the road agian.

  5. Ah thats true Doug, I remember you visited EA5RS and operated EE5E… well, next time 🙂 Happy New Year 2017 and best wishes!