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Day 2159, El Verger – Valencia: Orange Country

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jan - 05 - 2017

Distance: 91.0 km
Ride time: 4:59:14
Average: 18.3 km/h
Max speed: 55.8 km/h
Total: 54978 km

We are entering orange country in this part of Spain where most of Europe’s exotic fruits come from. In the beginning of the day we even found a nice cycling path right in the orange fields. Welcome to Spain 🙂

When the bike path through the fields ended we shifted down to the beach and found another nice cycling path there – perfect for jumping in for a swim as the midday heat arrived.

There really isn’t much to complain about these days…

I have been to Valencia before and so has Manon. She kept telling about “La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias” and I was pretty much one big question mark. That was until we actually cycled past the impressive buildings and I couldn’t understand how I could have forgot my visit here 10 years ago. I guess my excuse is that I have been around the world in between.

After checking in to our hostel it was time for a quick walk around the city center enjoying the impressive architecture and well, just as much an very tasty ice cream – another one of Spain’s many advantages 🙂

Then back at the hostel I found a reply of the Spanish “Vuelta a España” bicycle race on a TV in the living room. A perfect end to a perfect day on the bike in Spain.

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  1. Suzanne Jager says:

    Just so beautiful!!! So enjoying your and Manon’s adventure!!!