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Day 119: Gokarna

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Feb - 04 - 2011

The nice thing about being in a place with other tourists is that you can have muesli with fruit, yogurt and honey for breakfast. For lunch and dinner I am perfectly happy with Indian food, but for breakfast I wish I could have muesli every day.

Back in the hotel a guy outside my door suddenly said “Hi Thomas”. It was fellow long distance cyclist Fred from Canada who I first met on the border between Turkey and Syria a few months ago. Now we were reunited in Gokarna. Fred had been cycling down from Mumbai and will continue south along the coast all the way over to Chennai. His final destination is the Philippines where he will work in an orphanage for 6 months. Have a look at Fred’s nice website.

Obviously we had a lot of cycle stories to catch up on.

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