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Day 66: Antakya – Aleppo, Syria!

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 13 - 2010

Distance: 98.64 km
Ridetime: 5:44:25
Average: 17.2 km/h
Total distance: 3514 km

Heading for the border with a new country, there is always that feeling of going into the unknown. The last kilometers of Turkish roads were celebrated by another dog chase (yeah, those Turkish dogs). While my chaser was indeed a big dog, he was also quite chubby so I was able to accelerate away easily.

On the border I was greeted by friendly border officers but also faced a challenge. The visa would cost 30 US dollars and payment was indeed supposed to be in US dollars which I didn’t have. Luckily, minutes earlier I had met Fred from Canada. Fred has been cycling for the last 5 months and we were both heading into Syria. Fred was kind enough to borrow me the US$ and soon we were both thrilled to cycle into a new country.

The destination for tonight would be Aleppo, a city of 3.5 million inhabitants that competes with Damascus for being the oldest continuous inhabited city in the world.

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Tobias says:

    Hey Thomas,
    just wanted to let you know that I very much appreciate also your nice photos. They underline your stories perfectly!

    CUL Toby

  2. Mor says:

    Jeg bliver aldrig træt af at følge med på denne side. Vi glæder os til at se dig.

  3. Marta says:

    HI Thomas!! finally im updated again! many comments but as summary:
    first, thanks and gracias for all your comments and to guide us through all those countries, to share your feelings, and to have a so great sense of humour in your comments! I definetely enjoy the pict with your turkish radio friend with the flags..oh yeaahhh…
    ánimo guapo!

  4. Morten says: