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Day 65: Antakya

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 13 - 2010

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Yesterday night I jumped on a bus in Antalya. Arriving in Antakya close to the Syrian border in the morning, I should now be back on track to be in Egypt to meet my family for Christmas.

And quite a bus ride it was! For the first time on the trip the weather turned really bad with heavy rain and constant thunder and lightning throughout the night. The route took us through small roads clinging to the cliffs high above the Mediterranean See which now and then became illuminated by the lightning. Furthermore the bus driver seemed to go for a new speed record between Alanya and Antakya. I guess I could do nothing but putting on the seat belt and try to get a bit of rest.

I hope to make it into Syria tomorrow. As I have no Israeli stamps in my passport the visa should be obtainable at the border.

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