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Day 123: Hubli – Gadag

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Feb - 13 - 2011

Distance: 55.93 km
Ridetime: 3:18:26
Average: 16.9 km/h
Total distance: 5177 km

Normally this would have been a fast day if it was not for the strong head wind. I can’t remember fighting this kind of wind since Turkey. I even passed by a large wind farm suggesting that heavy winds are the norm here. I’d better get used to it.

When I left the coast I was wondering how challenging it would be to find hotels and restaurants in this part of India. So far it has been very easy. Every city seems to have at least a simple lodge. And even the smallest village has some kind of restaurant. In this sense India is a very easy country to travel through on a bicycle.

The people of India are very curious people. Especially in the villages my arrival draws a lot of attention. This is what it typically looks like 5 minutes after I make a short stop to buy a bottle of water.

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