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Day 183: Bang Saphan – Chumphon

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Apr - 13 - 2011

Distance: 112.00 km
Ridetime: 04:40:08
Average: 24.0 km/h
Total distance: 8492 km

I have now cycled more than 4000 km on my current set of tires. This means more flats than usual. Time to go shopping again.

Chumphon is one of the cities that was hit by the floods last week, although not as hard as the cities further south. I was happy to learn that the road up towards the mountains near Burma is also open again. I now only allowed to stay 3 more days in Thailand so I’m planning to make a visa run to Burma within the next days.

Another thing I have to decide is wether I want to stay on the Bay of Bangkok or cross over to the Indian Ocean. Basically its a question of visiting one group of tropical paradise islands or another group of tropical paradise islands. Yes, the decisions you have to make on the road are sometimes very hard!

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