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Day 26: Dej – Cluj

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Nov - 02 - 2010

Distance: 68.77 km
Ridetime: 2:58:48
Average: 23.0 km/h
Total distance: 1853 km

In the outskirts of Cluj I passed a small airfield with glider activity. Of couse I had to stop and see how the soaring hobby works in Romania.

The first guy I met was a Belgian commercial pilot living for 4 years in Romania and flying with Wizz Air. After hearing about my travels he immediately invited me for a drink. It turned out that his father was a professional cyclist back in the Eddy Merckx era.

I was quickly introduced to the other glider pilots on the field. The most interesting difference compared Denmark is that gliding is considered a national sport in Romania. Therefore it is absolutely free for young people under 23 years of age to fly and obtain the license. Also, there will be instructors payed by the government every day of the week on the airfield.

I was told that normally I could have had a short flight for free with one of the instructors. However, today the field was full of young people trying to gain enough flight hours for their first solo flight before the season would end in a couple of weeks. If I could come back another day before noon it would certainly be possible.

Perhaps I will be flying tomorrow!

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Chetz says:

    its wonderful to know that You will flying in a glider.. i too have flown during my college.. its worth an experience.. its a nice article… enjoy your flight

  2. Stefan DL1ELY says:

    Hi Thomas!

    I discovered your website right now, and i am deeply impressed and deeply jealous at the same time. You are gathering personal impressions that not many people on earth are even remotely able to gather. So many friendships, nice people, landscapes and food. I wish you all the best, will keep following your journey and keep my fingers crossed that all will work out well. I cannot even imagine how it is possible to cycle so many km…

    Vy 73 de Stefan, DL1ELY

    P.S.: From my (limited) judgement, Sydney is the nicest city in the world, so it is a destination wisely chosen.