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Day 50: Istanbul

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Nov - 26 - 2010

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Eva and İlker are outdoor people. They do orienteering, cycling, and even adventure races. Today we went to a forest outside Istanbul for some hiking.

In the middle of the hike we suddenly met a hunter. Hunters are usually not allowed in this part of the forrest, and this hunter looked very upset. I didn’t quite understand his response in Turkish, but Eva translated that he was searching for an angry wild boar that could be dangerous to humans! Oh well, they say a bit of adrenalin is good to make you feel alive.

In the end we met only wild dogs, and when you are not on a bicycle the dogs seem so friendly.

Back in Istanbul we teamed up with Alen. Alen is an elite orienteering runner and does a lot of training in Switzerland and Scandinavia. As it is now off-season he was even able to share a beer with us.

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