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Day 74: Damascus – Amman, Jordan

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 26 - 2010

Distance: 170.53! km
Ridetime: 7:12:48
Average: 23.6 km/h
Total distance: 3947 km

Syrians are not early risers in the morning, so leaving the hotel at 7 o’clock I pretty much had the streets for myself. With the snow still visible on the surrounding hills of Damascus I left the city I had really started to like.

After 80 km a guy on a bicycle suddenly rode up on my side. It turned out to be Tjalf from Holland also on a long bicycle ride. A bit further behind followed his friend Peter.

I have now met more cyclists in Syria than on my whole trip through Europe. The cycle touring community is clearly heading south these days.

The Dutch guys had planned to stay a few more days in Syria while I wanted to cross into Jordan, so after half an hour of road side chatting we said goodbye and continued down the road.

The border crossing went easy. Only one of the guards boards kept asking about the registration certificate for my bicycle. I tried to explain that bicycles really didn’t have such things and finally I was let through.

In Jordan the landscape turned into a desert. I hadn’t expected this and I ran out of water. Oh well, I guess a real desert experience includes being a bit thirsty. It wasn’t long before a could buy more water at a gas station.

The cycling day became longer than expected because I didn’t find any hotels at the first border town. As I still had some hours left before darkness I decided to go all the way to the suburbs of Amman for a new distance record of 170.5 km in a day.

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Magnus says:

    Hej Thomas

    Det er da meget sjovt at du møder så mange dernede.
    Det må da også være et interessant område at cykle i.
    Jeg er i Australien nu. Desværre er jeg stødt ind i lidt af en regntid. Det har regnet næsten konstant i 4 dage nu. Men de lover bedre vejr i morgen.

    Du må have en god tur.

    Mvh Magnus

  2. Morten says:

    170.5 km! Respect!

  3. Marta says:

    yes! lots of respect!!

  4. […] With the steady tailwind yesterday we had cycled 100 km in half a day. With that in mind, I thought it was time to try to beat my old distance record – a record that was standing at 170 km from a day back in 2011 where I cycled from Damascus in Syria to Amman in Jordan. […]