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Day 109: Palolem – Gokarna

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jan - 27 - 2011

Distance: 100.60 km
Ridetime: 4:17:30
Average: 23.8 km/h
Total distance: 4508 km

As unnatural as cycling in the left side of the rode felt when I arrived in India four days ago, as natural did it feel today. Quite strange since I didn’t do any cycling during the last days.

Cycling through the midday heat is now getting very hot. Until now I have found that starting to cycle early in the day would be too cold. Now I will have to think the other way around.

Arriving in amazing Gokarna left me overwhelmed by memories from two years ago. Gokarna is first and foremost a sacred Hindu town with several temples. What makes it special is that it is also home to a rather large number of hippies who left Goa as it got too commercial. Add to that the occasional backpacker and you got an interesting crowd.

It seems like I will be heading south already tomorrow to meet friends in Mangalore, so I made the most out of my single day in Gokarna.

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  1. Morten says:

    Interesting! Great colors!