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Day 158: Chiang Mai

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Mar - 16 - 2011

Still very sleepy from spending the night in a bus seat, I woke up as my bus entered Chiang Mai. The first project was to find a cup of coffee to wake up.

As I knew I would be staying in Chiang Mai for a while, I wanted to find a good and cheap place. One place was too expensive, another cheap but too far away from the city. When I got to the Diva Guesthouse and was quoted 100 bhat for a dorm bed I knew I had found my place.

Arriving to Thailand from India can only be described as a positive shock. Everything feels amazingly organised, clean and calm.

There is suddenly:

  • No honking!
  • Great roads with trafic lights and side walks
  • Lots of big cars
  • No staring
  • Lots of lots of tourists
  • Western food available anywhere
  • No cows in the street
  • A 7-eleven at every street corner
  • WiFi everywhere
  • No power cuts

I spent the day chilling out at the hostel and getting to know a few of the other travellers. Still being tired from the bus ride I went to bed early. Even sharing the room with four other guys I slept like a baby.

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