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Day 160: Chiang Mai

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Mar - 17 - 2011

Distance: 21.70 km
Ridetime: 00:58:59
Average: 22.1 km/h
Total distance: 7172 km

After three days without cycling I couldn’t possibly keep off the bike any longer. On a mountain outside Chiang Mai lies the Doi Suthep temple. Getting there includes a 10 km climb up to 1000 meters. A perfect way to test the shape. As I wanted to do the climb without any extra weight I didn’t bring the camera. I bit of a shame since the views over Chiang Mai were great.

Near the monastery I met Phil from Canada. I told him about my trip and was soon invited to stay at his place in Kuala Lumpur should the road take me there. I’m always surprised and humbled by the openness and hospitality I receive from strangers I just met.

Back at the hostel Steve from Wales told me he always eats at the market because its much cheaper than the tourist restaurants. Just the kind of knowledge I was looking for. Soon we were having delicious noodles with roasted pork, soup and a salad for less than a euro. I already love Thai food. Eating with sticks was another first on the trip.

The day ended with a few beers together with other backpackers. Life is good in Thailand!

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