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Day 176: Bangkok

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Apr - 02 - 2011

After 3 days in Bangkok mostly spent meeting people, I thought it was time to have a look at a few of the sights as well. First I took a boat down the Chao Phraya river that runs through the center of Bangkok.

Readers from Denmark may notice that the building above is ØK’s old headquarters.

A short walk east from the Chao Phraya River will take you to modern Bangkok. Quite a contrast to the narrow streets next to the river.

On the way back to the hotel I passed the famous Patpong red light district. Interestingly it is located right next to a market where families come to shop during the day. Still, walking down the street as a single man you get offered pretty much everything. I politely said thanks but no thanks – don’t think my 500 bhat daily budget including hotel and food would take me very far anyway.

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  1. Morten says:

    Thanks for sharing, photos and video 😀