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Day 277: Katherine

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Sep - 04 - 2011

“You must be Danish” said an Australian guy who had just arrived at the camp site. “That’s true” I answered – “how did you know?”. “Because you look exactly like Thor Heyerdahl” was the somewhat surprising answer. Apart from the small fact that Heyerdahl was indeed Norwegian and not Danish, the guy might have had a point.

I had recently read a book by Heyerdahl but didn’t knew what he looked like. In any case, I’m quite proud to be mentioned in connection with the great explorer 🙂

I like reading the local newspaper. Today’s top story was about a crocodile spotted eating another crocodile. We just don’t get stories like that back home. As I will be heading further south, people have warned me not to camp near any water. Probably a wise choice.

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