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Day 285: Bonny Well – Barrow Creek

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Nov - 16 - 2011

Distance: 133.90 km
Ridetime: 06:15:22
Average: 21.5 km/h
Total distance: 14099 km

Last night over the fire at the camp site I was stating, people asked if I was going to visit Devils Marbles. As usually I hadn’t looked in my guide book, and if my new friends hadn’t told me I might as well have passed right by. I’m glad I didn’t. The rounded granite stones there are quite a sight. This is the beginning of the Red Centre of Australia – a landscape that is very different from the flat bush lands I have been cycling through for last couple of weeks.

I arrived at the same time as a bus full of Japanese tourists. As and sat there and ate my breakfast a few even took photos of me. Funny people.

If Devils Marbles is a sign of what to expect from nature in central Australia I’m already hooked!

Cycling is once again getting a lot more enjoyable. The head wind was a bit less insisting today, and for the first time in a while my average speed was above 20 km/h. Stuart Highway is also suddenly getting more quite. No more huge road trains.

At night I found another great spot to wild camp. From here it is only 250 km to Alice Springs. With a bit of luck I will get there in two days.

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