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And now to something completely different

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 10 - 2011

When I left Katherine 10 days ago I had 50$ in my pocket. As I arrived in Alice Springs I surpringsingly still had 25$ left. God bless wild camping! A budget of 2.5$ per day makes Australia the cheapest cycling destination yet – even cheaper than India. And just as well, the 50$ was pretty much my last money.

Luck would have it that the rumours about the favourable job situation in Alice Springs turned out to be true. I had my first job in hand 24 hours after I arrived in town. And so it seems that my life for now will be very different from the cycle nomadic life I have been enjoying the last 10 months.

The diary will take a break for a while as I recharge my bank account. But, stay tuned. There will be other updates on this channel coming soon.

Greetings from Down Under.


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