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Day 798: Coober Pedy

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 12 - 2012

I had planned to leave Coober Pedy in the afternoon, but already in the morning I went to the reception and booked another night at the Oasis Caravan Park. Since the temperature was expected to hit 40°C I must admit that another day with air condition in the TV room, Internet, and electricity was more tempting than cycling and spending the night in the outback.

I basically spent the whole day in a nice chair with Internet on my laptop while watching news at the same time. Nice recovery mode for sure! On the way to the supermarket to buy new supplies for the trip I took a few photos of Coober Pedy, this highly peculiar Opal Capital of the World as they have named themselves.

Just after sunset I was surprised by a very strong sand storm just as I was eating dinner. My tent almost flew away, but I think I managed to pack it down without loosing anything. Glad I was not camping in the middle of nowhere tonight! The storm lasted an hour, then everything settled back to normal.

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