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Day 806: Rhynie – Adelaide

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 19 - 2012

Distance: 118.99 km
Ridetime: 5:41:56
Average: 20.9 km/h
Max speed: 40.4 km/h
Total distance: 15894 km

The sunrise didn’t live up to the beautiful sunset last night. This morning it was cold, gray, and rainy. With a temperature of 16 degrees it felt more like a summer day in Denmark than in Australia. I was very much freezing during the first hours of cycling. I will have to buy more clothes once I reach Adelaide.

Over lunch I spent Spent 3 hours in McDonalds – today not to enjoy the air condition but rather to warm up.

When I started riding again I was suddenly in the outskirts of Adelaide. This would be the first big city I see in Australia. Until now I have only seen Darwin and Alice Springs which are nice cities but certainly not large. I was very excited about cycling into Adelaide. That moment had been on my mind for more then two weeks, ever since I left Alice Spings. Now I was here, thankful and proud to have made it across Australia from north to south.

When I stopped at a shopping center to ask for direction a guy suggested that I took a train to the city center because, as he said, it was very far to cycle (I was 15 km away). When I explained I had cycledfrom Darwin he looked at me as if I was crazy.

My friend Sasi (VK5SN) that I was going to meet lives on the south part of town. After a final climb I arrived at his nice house. I last met Sasi in year 2000 in Copenhagen. Now he has a family and has been living in Australia since 2004. After a welcome beer we went out to eat.

It was clear that I would be in very good hands in Adelaide!

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