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Day 833: Stratford – Nowa Nowa

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jan - 17 - 2013

Distance: 101.20 km
Ridetime: 4:58:29
Average: 20.4 km/h
Max speed: 48.9 km/h
Total distance: 17343 km

After just 3 km of cycling in the morning I passed a free camp site. I have no map over these sites, so sometimes i miss them. It didn’t really matter because I just had a perfect nights sleep at my wild camp spot.

The strong tail wind from yesterday had turned around but I was still able to maintain a good speed. My shape should be pretty good by now.

In Bairnsdale I found a library and sat down for 3 hours to upload photos. I should look for more libraries in the towns that I come through. A very good place to spend a few hours while the equipment is recharging.

Supermarkets are a good place to shop of course, and since I’m not really following any news they also provide a good source of gossip about what is going on in the world if you keep your ears open. Today’s topic was about the bush fires that have been going on near Melbourne but that I have luckily not been affected by. I also learned that it would be a hot day tomorrow of about 38 degrees but still down to 18 in the night. All good to know.

After another 40 km of cycling I reached Lakes Entrance. I hadn’t been close to the Ocean since I left Melbourne so it felt great to be smelling water again.

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