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Cycling Around the World Day 860: Hari Hari – Rapahoe

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Feb - 17 - 2013

Distance 135.42 km
Ride time: 6:21:33
Average: 21.3 km/h
Total: 19159 km

A long day in the saddle. I haven’t had many of these in New Zealand as there is always so many things to see along the route. Today I started early and managed to put in some kilometers as well as a bit of sight seeing.

In Hokitika I stopped at the beach to have a look at the funny sculptures made of drift wood. This is the kind of art i like. Natural and with free access.

The rain the other day already seem far away. Once again I’m enjoying blue skies as I cycle the West Coast. Something you can not take for granted.

In the afternoon I passed McDonald’s and went in for a 60 cent ice cream and some Wifi time. I was not the only cyclist who had got that idea.


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