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Day 853: Omarama – Tarras

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Feb - 07 - 2013

Distance: 84.7 km
Ridetime: 3:53:21
Average: 21.6 km/h
Max speed: 56.3 km/h
Total distance: 18603 km

My legs had now finally recovered from the 8 hour hike up to Mount Ollivier the other day. I’m happy that it doesn’t take 3 days for the legs to recover after a day of cycling. Usually one night is enough.

Today I was going to cycle over Lindis Pass. I had heard mixed reports of the climb from other cyclists. Some had said it was a hard climb, others said it was easy. From the side I did the climb I wouldn’t say it was that bad. On the other hand, if you are coming from the south going towards Mount Cook it would certainly be much harder.

After the climb I sat down and had my lunch (which these days mostly consist of tuna sandwiches). There I met Philip. He invited me to join him for a swim in a nearby river.

Afterwards he invited me to stay the night at his place. He was quite a character. The first thing he told me was that he had just changed his name because of some criminal charges. Not the most trustworthy introduction perhaps. One of the important skills you need as an around the world cyclist is to decide if you trust people or not.

I decided that I trusted Phil and headed for his house in the village of Tarras for the night.

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