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Day 1153: Goodbye Australia

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 08 - 2013

It was with very mixed feelings I was saying goodbye to the people at the cattle station and drove towards Alice Springs. The Australian outback will always have a special place in my heart, but at the same time I was feeling very excited about going to South America.

Normally one of the coworkers would have driven me to town, but as there was a pick up truck that needed to go in for service I was driving the 260 km myself. What I didn’t expect was to get two flat tires in a row.

Flat tires are not that unusual in the outback if you are going off-road, but I was driving on a sealed highway. After the 2nd flat I had no spares left, so I could do nothing but crossing my fingers and hope I would make it to town. Luckily I did.

In Alice Springs I was so busy that I didn’t have time to feel too nostalgic about all the memories I have from this place. I went to my friend Greg’s place and put my trusty Bianchi in a bike box, ready for tomorrow’s flight.

Back at the hostel I talked to a French guy who had just arrived in Australia the day before and planned to stay a year. I’m sure he will have a good time!

The last task was trying to get the weight of my bags down to something the airlines would accept. Another guy in the hostel was collecting cables and other stuff that he said he could sell at a local market. I hope he makes a buck out of some of my stuff.

Tomorrow morning at 6 Greg will pick me up and take me to the airport. It is truly goodbye Australia.

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