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Day 1186, Onaisin – Bahia Inutil: The Fishermans Hut

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 23 - 2013

Distance: 52.77 km
Ride time: 4:52:22
Average: 10.94 km/h
Total: 21044 km

The night at the bus stop had been cold as there was not really any door or windows to keep the wind out. A couple of cups of tea in the morning made the difference. I’m lucky to be cycling with Petter as my own gas stove doesn’t handle wind very well, or doesn’t handle wind at all I should say.

And wind there was, once again today. In the morning we were 100 km away from Porvenir, the next city en route. With the wind it wouldn’t be possible to reach it today though. A french cyclist we met (cruising along at 35 km/h with his tail wind) told us about a fishing hut were he had spent his night. The hut would be our aim for the day.

At some point we were running low on water and went to one of the farms to ask if we could fill up our bottles. Unfortunately no one was home, but we helped our self from a tap in the garden. Just as we were cycling out of the driveway the owner was returning. We were a bit nervous about what he would say about us helping our self to the water. Luckily we wouldn’t have needed to worry. The farmer turned out to have a Norwegian grandfather, his last name was Andersen, and he seemed only happy to have been able to help some thirsty cyclists.

After a long lunch break we finally reached the fisher mans hut at 9 pm at night, just as it started to rain. The hut might not seem like much, but we were very happy to have a roof over our heads.

One day sleeping in bus stop, the next in a fisher mans hut… Tierra del Fuego has been quite the adventure. I’m now looking forward to reach civilization and have a shower. Hopefully tomorrow!

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  1. Tony Graham says:

    What a most excellent adventure Thomas. The Fishermans Hut looks roomier inside that it looks from the outside. Christmas Day here at work as I read this! Merry Christmas and 73’s.

    P.S. I got my new bike last week:

  2. Excellent news on the bike Tony! And NZ looks beautiful as always 🙂 Quite the ride over here, all good fun and challenging at the same time! Happy New Year!