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Day 1214: Fitz Roy Hiking

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jan - 20 - 2014

The weather looked calm as I opened my tent in the morning so I decided to go hiking. Over dinner yesterday other travelers suggested Lagunas de los Tres as a nice one day hike. I was hitting the trail early looking forward to some other form of exercise than fighting the head wind.

The trail climbed through a forest and soon I was enjoying beautiful views of Mount Fitz Roy. In New Zealand a year ago I did a similar hike and almost couldn’t walk or cycle for 3 days. This time I decided to take it easier, keeping a very slow pace up the steps.

A crazy rock climber from South Africa I had talked to last night was planning to climb Mount Fitz Roy. As I looked up the peak I couldn’t imagine people actually climbing it. I was happy enough to hike to the lakes enjoying the views on the way.

Back in town I decided to try one of the famous Tenedor Libre or All You Can Eat buffet. I was eating until my stomach was hurting, loading up on calories for the next leg of the journey: Crossing into Chile on what I was thinking could be quite the adventure!

Categories: Argentina, Mountaineering
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5 Responses so far.

  1. Martin says:

    Beautiful places.
    The Fitz Roy is not for newcomers so the guy from ZS must be a really experienced climber.

    Enjoy CE!


    Martin, LU5DX

  2. Juan says:

    It looks like Switzerland! I should go there some day 🙂

  3. Hola Juan! Si verdad, many places in Patagonia reminds me of CH. It’s truly beautiful, you should make a visit one day. And don’t forget to bring your bike 🙂 Que tal la vida por alli? Todavida en Madrid?

  4. Juan says:

    Todo bien! Ahora estoy en Cambridge con un nuevo trabajo. Trying to get used to the rain 🙂

  5. Steven ;) says:

    ow Sr. Andersen i really hope you dont have an indigestión now ;P