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Day 1247, Bariloche: Recharging… 100%

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Feb - 21 - 2014

After a very nice night of deep sleep followed by a slow breakfast I felt as well rested as I have in a long time. The day started for real as we made the short hike up to a Buddhist Stupa located just above Jorge’s house. A little piece of Asia in Argentina, who would have though.

It was not that Jorge didn’t like the Stupa, but this had been his personal lookup spot before it was built some five years ago. Now he would have to share.

Back home both Michael and I were preparing our bikes for the next leg of the journey. Carretera Austral had been hard on the equipment. My status looked like this: Back wheel not turning straight, bike computer dead, brakes only working 50%. I had given up on the bike computer, but Jorge being (among many other things) an electronics wizard, asked if he could have a look. Half an hour later the computer was running perfectly well again.

There was also time for a bit of radio.

In the afternoon we made another hike to a beautiful lookout point over the lakes.

To say thank you to Jorge for the unbelievable hospitality we, or to be honest Michael, offered to cook risotto with chicken for dinner.

It is hard to explain, but a relaxed day like this with beautiful nature, good food, and interesting conversation was exactly what we needed. Thank you Jorge for opening your home and leaving us (and the bikes!) 100% recharged for the next leg.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Marie says:

    So many great experiences and encounters, all the best for the next leg!

  2. Thomas says:

    Thanks Marie… Yes, meeting fantastic people and enjoying world class landscapes – that combination is hard to beat!