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Day 1283, Barreal – Calingasta: Bakeries

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Mar - 28 - 2014

Distance: 25.56 km
Ride time: 1:12:40
Average: 21.30 km/h
Altitude: 1380 m
Total: 25118 km

The weather during the night is perfect for camping, not too warm and not too cold. I love sleeping in my tent, and would certainly prefer it to a crowded hostel room. Waking up to a view like this in the morning doesn’t hurt either.

Unfortunately Petter had started to feel ill during the night, so we opted to cycle the easy 25 kilometers into Calingasta and stay there to rest. Every town in this area is like an oasis of green trees in an otherwise very dry and barren landscape.

On the way into the city we stopped at the bakery. Ever since Ushuaia I have loved these bakeries with the 3 peso sweets and bread. May they continue to show up once in a while 🙂

At the municipal camp site it only cost 20 pesos to put up the tent, complete with power plugs for our computers and warm showers. Costs have certainly come down compared to Buenos Aires and Patagonia. It was Saturday so a rather loud BBQ party also took place in the park. We made our own BBQ for the night, taking advantage of being close to a supermarket.

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