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Day 1286 – 1289, San Jose de Jachal: Party Zone

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Apr - 07 - 2014

Distance: 31.54 km
Ride time: 1:32:25
Average: 20.23 km/h
Altitude: 1181 m
Total: 25353 km

In the morning Petter was not feeling well, so we opted for an easy cycling day into San José de Jáchal.

Asking around for camp sites or hostels, we were pointed to the municipality camping where it was possible to stay for free. As usual, free things seem to come with a price to pay anyway. What we didn’t expect was that the camp site turned into a party zone at night. Young people suddenly showed up in their cars and scooters at 2 o’clock and partied loud and hard until 5.

The next days were spent hanging around town updating the blog and getting a sense of life in this random place. The first thing to notice was the extremely long siastas. From 1 pm to 6 pm town would be dead. Shops have no opening hours on their doors – “we are open when we are open” is the way it works here.

One day ‘Mike the Hike’ also showed up at the camp site. We knew Mike from some days ago when we met him by the road side. Mike’s plan is to walk the length of the Andes – somewhat of a legend in these parts with many tales to tell.

For some reason it has been very difficult to find internet the last weeks. I have internet on my phone, but usually it is so slow that it is practically useless. In several places like gas stations and restaurants they have WiFi signs, but in most cases it doesn’t work, or it is too slow to upload photos. I don’t remember having such a hard time updating the blog in any other country. Maybe in the next town…

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2 Responses so far.

  1. parinay says:

    “we are open when we are open” … 🙂 attitude unnhh ..
    Nice post !

  2. Hehe, yes Parinay… this was very typical from this town.