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Day 1373, Tilcara – Humahuaca: Tropic of Capricorn

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jun - 20 - 2014

Distance: 45.47 km
Ride time: 3:09:34
Average: 14.43 km/h
Altitude: 3012 m
Total: 27117 km

I was leaving Tilcara in a happy mood. This place is truly a jewel up here in the far north of the country – but mostly I was happy because of the people I had met.

In the beginning of the day I passed the Tropic of Capricorn. On my way south I had passed the Tropic on the day I cycled into Alice Springs in Australia. That’s a while ago! A nice way to be reminded that I am indeed making progress on the way north. Next stop equator!

In a small village I had a chat with a Canadian/Argentinian couple. The guy had been cycling a lot in Canada, and he had indeed been on Newfoundland to visit the Archaeological Viking Museum where I plan to end the North American part of my trip. He said it is a beautiful place which I’m now looking forward to visit.

As I cycled into Humahuaca I was enjoying the beautiful colonial style town center. The architecture still feels exotic and new to me. Further south in Argentina and Chile the towns were more European, but from here on I think I can expect more typical South American cities.

My camera was running at full speed as I made a late afternoon walk around town.

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