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Day 1406 – 1413: Vive La Paz!

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jul - 24 - 2014

After arriving in La Paz last night I had found a nice hostel in the city center. The roof top terrace was a great place to spend a few hours reading a book while enjoying the views over this spectacular city.

Right outside the hostel there was a market street with women in bowler hats selling food, vegetables and a million other things. Then there was the tourist neighborhood with travel agencies and fancy restaurants. I didn’t spent much time there, but a bit further down the road was the nice San Fransisco square.

Where I did spend a lot of time while in town was at Radio Club La Paz. Mario who I met yesterday had introduced me to the friendly guys at the radio club where I was invited to operate the station. It was great to speak with friends around the world as well as back home.

While not active on the radio, one of the guys at the radio club was also fond of cycling, so we spent some time watching Tour de France on TV.

When you are in a new city it always takes a couple of days to find out how everything works. In the beginning I would take a taxi to get around, but soon I was managing the small mini buses like a local. I had also found my favourite café for a coffee, and my favourite restaurant serving Chinese noodles with fresh fried vegetables. In fact I almost felt like a local.

Above the city I could constantly see the high andes mountains. Since I had hiked to 5000 m of altitude with Petter some months ago I had wanted to do more climbing. I realized that now was the chance. Together with a small group I will be attempting to climb the 6088 m high Huayna Potosi some 25 km north of town. More adventures ahead!

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Randy K5ZD says:

    With such a nice club station, I am surprised no one goes there for CQWW.

    Continued safe travels!

  2. Thomas says:

    Hi Randy! Yes, very nice club station they have, although with a couple of challenges; 59+ noise levels from the busy streets, and the mountains surrounding the city…