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Day 1493, Chincha – Mala: Chocolate and Biscuits

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Oct - 22 - 2014

Distance: 114.29 km
Ride time: 7:08:22
Average: 16.00 km/h
Max speed: 47.56 km/h
Total: 29839 km

I was expecting a tail wind on this part of the Panamerican Highway, but these days its just not happening. Oh well, still possible to make 100 km of daily progress, just takes a few more hours in the saddle.

The Panamericana has now turned into a proper 4-lane highway – a sure sign that I’m getting ever closer to Lima. If all goes well I should be cycling into the crazy metropolis tomorrow.

Today there were still stretches of the highway that were relatively deserted. Of course one such stretch came just as I started to look for a restaurant for lunch. Now I had to cycle the next 30 km on a half empty stomach.

I finally reached a very local village where the kiosk mama made some good business from my cravings for chocolate and biscuits. The elderly woman was actually very nice and we had a long chat about her children living in 3 different cities all over Peru. She was also excited about the cycling trip and almost ready to join on her own bike.

At the 100 km mark I passed a beach town which was obviously very busy in summer but almost empty now that we are still in spring. Only a few hotels were open and all completely empty. The rooms were a bit over prised as well, and it didn’t seem to be possible to talk the price down.

I then continued further up the road and into another local town – this one facing away from the beach. This was where the locals stayed and it was easy to find a cheap and good room.

From here it’s only 80 km to Lima!

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