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Day 1509: Huacho – Pativilca

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Nov - 05 - 2014

Distance: 56.35 km
Ride time: 2:37:44
Average: 21.43 km/h
Max speed: 45.61 km/h
Total: 30148 km

Just as short 2½ hour ride up the Panamericana today. I would have liked to continue, but for one of the first times on the trip I don’t feel completely comfortable wild camping in this part of Peru. Instead I will have to stop where the hotels are.

And speaking about the cheap hotel I found, I also wasn’t completely comfortable leaving my bicycle in custody of the young guy in the reception there, but I couldn’t stay in my room the whole day… When I came back mama had taken over the running of the place, and I was suddenly more comfortable.

Out in the streets of this small town (Pativilca, population 10.000) there was a procession going on. Processions are popular here!

I enjoyed the show for a while, then found an internet café before heading back to my hostel for an early night.

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