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Day 1522, Chiclayo – Morrope: Local Town

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 05 - 2014

Distance: 36.08 km
Ride time: 1.50.46
Average: 19.54 km/h
Max speed: 39.37 km/h
Total: 30982 km

There is 220 km from Chicayo to Piura. Normally that would translate into two comfortable 110 km days, but since I’m trying to avoid wild camping in these parts I will have to stop where the hotels are. That would mean an easy 40 km ride today and a rather long 180 km one tomorrow.

A slept in and went to a coffee shop to update the blog for a few hours. Luckily they have late check out times here, so I waited until 1 pm and rolled up the Panamericana towards Morrope.

In this small town I asked a guy at the cental square if there was a hostel somewhere. Surprisingly he said no. Now it was already getting close to sunset, and I was in this town only because I wanted to stay inside for the night. I decided to eat dinner first in order to make a better decision. The friendly woman at the road side stall served a nice fried chicken and she could inform me that there was indeed two hostels in town. I don’t know why the other guy had said there wasn’t.

10 minutes later I had checked in to my nice and comfortable room. The view from the window, however, showed a very local village.

I enjoyed my late afternoon walk around town. Today I even bought the camera and took a few photos. The doors to the church were open so I had a look inside. I’m sure the church will seat the entire village.

After a 2nd dinner I went to bed early. Tomorrow we will try for a 180 km day.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. We are reading each of your entry. In two years we’re planning to bike along the same route although in the opposite direction, so all the info from your entries is very important for us. We keep fingers crossed wishing you a safe journey.
    Next week we’re flying to Brisbane. From there will be biking along the coast to Melbourne. By comparison to your journey ours will just a “walk in the park”.

  2. Hi Joanna and Michael! How nice to know you are following along. I’m sure you will have a great time here in South America. Oh, and the distances in Australia are huge – most certainly not a walk in the park haha. Have a safe trip! Thomas