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Day 1547, Guayaquil – Babahoyo: Tropical Christmas

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 29 - 2014

Distance: 78.47 km
Ride time: 3.23.55
Average: 23.09 km/h
Max speed: 35.55 km/h
Total: 31873 km

I hadn’t expected spending more than two weeks in Guayaquil. Most travellers would advise you to skip this city as there is not much to see. Perhaps this was a good thing for me as I managed to get a lot of work done.

I left the city on the same bridge where I had entered 16 days earlier. I was now heading for the mountains even though today’s ride would still be flat. I figured I should enjoy the easy cruising on flat roads – I don’t expect much of this in the weeks to come.

During the middle of the day it is getting really hot in these parts. At one point I escaped to an air conditioned gas station where I had a cold drink and an ice cream. As I left the cafeteria the heat hit me like a wall.

In Babahoyo I found my usual cheap hotel room and went for a walk around town. I see they are also dreaming of a white Christmas here. I’m afraid they will have to keep dreaming for a long time…

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