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Day 1589 – 1599: Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Feb - 04 - 2015

All this Facebook and Skype can be nice enough for keeping in touch, but it doesn’t beat real life – which is why I found myself on an airplane headed for the wind-swept Canary Islands to meet my family. Apart from my mom, sisters and grandparents, this holiday would also be the first chance for Uncle Tom to meet his new little nephew Calle!

People from Denmark go on holiday at this time of the year to escape the winter. I have plenty of warm weather and sunshine in Colombia so this was not my reason for going. I was there to see my family, all four generations of us.

I wouldn’t say that I have much talent in front of the camera, but we soon learned that Calle is a natural poser. Each time we would point a camera at him he would turn into a big smile. We were shooting away…

The happiness of seeing Calle and everybody after too long time was somehow shadowed by the fact that my moms health is still not good. In fact the latest news are critical. Oh well, life will always be a mix of happiness and sadness. We will just have to deal with it.

After another walk on the beach and yet another goodbye I’m writing this on an airplane over the Atlantic Ocean, on the way back to South America. In all honestly I’m not sure about what the next stage of the adventure will be. We shall see…

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