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Day 1618 – 1620: Medellin Break

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Mar - 09 - 2015

I first met British Around the World Cyclist Neil in Peru last year. Now our ways would cross again in Medellin. The days included a fair amount of beer and a healthy dose of British humour – for some reason there was a lot of British people at our hostel. I didn’t realized I had missed their humour so much before I experienced it again. Fun people!

Neil and I are doing a similar route so there was plenty of cycling stuff to talk about. At one point we checked out what the British foreign service is saying about the central American countries we will be crossing. It was such depressing reading that we soon stopped.

After having been on the road for such long time museums and churches don’t have the same attraction anymore. It was therefore a surprise that we found ourselves in (small and free) museum, checking out a few paintings. I wonder when I will visit the next museum.

Medellin was all good fun and it was all too tempting to stay much longer, but for now the show must go on. Only a week of cycling from here to Cartagena and the end of South America!

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5 Responses so far.

  1. Marcos C. says:

    Nice to see you with a fellow cyclist.

    Sometimes the monotony of being a solo rider drains you mentally.

    I’ll certainly include Colombia in my planned South American adventure by public transport.

    Looking forward to your sojourn in Panama.

  2. Thanks Marcos – and yes, Colombia is recommended for everyone, on bike or by public transport 🙂

  3. Stefan White says:

    Hi Thomas, just stumbled over your website and videos in youtube and it brings a smile to my face. When I was 17 I rode from Albany in Western Australia to Sydney and back on a bike. The inspiration? A Danish guy from Vejby I had met and befriended in Albany! I remember cycling across the Nullarbor and being passed by an English cyclist cycling around the world on a record attempt. To be honest, I only rode 1800km in the saddle but had interesting times with truckies and jumping the train from Port Augusta to Kalgoorlie. That was back in 1971. Enjoy your trip..I´d call it a mission of peace actually. You are witnessing first hand that 99% of people just want to live peacefully with one another.

  4. Hi Stefan. Thanks for the comments and glad you liked the website and videos! Yes, it was quite the ride over there in the Australian outback. It sounds like you have fond memories from there as well. And very true, the most important part of the trip are the people. I have been received so amazingly well all over the globe. Greetings!

  5. Many warnings coming out of the FCO, and the State Department, are rather depressing. But I guess they have to be understandably cautious. It’s so wonderful to see that the reality is often not the case.