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Day 1625, Caucasia – Sahagun: Sugar Highs and Lows

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Mar - 27 - 2015

Distance: 124.35 km
Ride time: 6:23:12
Average: 19.46 km/h
Max speed: 48.42 km/h
Total: 33974 km

I was expecting this part of Colombia to be flat. Well, I’m certainly not in the middle of the Andes mountains anymore, but the whole day I was doing steep micro climbs and descends. Each climb might only 500 m long, but if you do this the whole day it is still enough to make you tired.

While fighting the short climbs I could enjoy the view of Colombian farm land, mainly cattle in this part of the country. It is much drier than up in the mountains, and some parts of the landscape reminded me of the Australian outback.

As the midday heat sat in I started to look forward to find a hotel room for the night. Normally I don’t pay extra for air condition, but these days it seems like 5000 pesos or 2 dollars extra is enough to get you just that – an air conditioned room. A small price I’m only happy to pay. It is really hot out here!

At one point I reached a small kiosk and stopped to buy a cold drink. Normally I buy carbonated water, but in this place they only had 1.5 liter of local sweet soda. I was really thirsty so I bought it and drank it by far too fast. Predictably the sugar high was followed by a very deep sugar low, and I started to feel very bad. Lesson learned, no more soda tomorrow.

Once I reached my hotel room and happily payed extra fee for the air condition I stayed in my room all evening watching TV. I hope the energy level is back tomorrow morning.

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