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Day 1629 – 1636, Cartagena: Caribbean Life

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Apr - 08 - 2015

Walking around the colorful old colonial city center of Cartagena felt exotic to me. There was plenty of tourists around, but at least some parts of the city still had a local feeling to it. The atmosphere was relaxed and laid back… I loved going down to the fort at the ocean front for an afternoon walk.

After a couple of days in Cartagena I took the bus to Barranquila to join my radio friends Jorge HK1R and Salim HK1T. I got the royal treatment – thanks for the wonderful welcome, guys!

After lunch in the city we went into the country side to visit the impressive HK1NA station for the weekend. What a place, pure radio amateur heaven up here at the Caribbean coast 🙂

Back in Cartagena I had a few more days to spend while planning the next stages of the trip. One night I even got to meet Inge from Denmark, my friend from the happy days in Cali. Enjoying a beer at a local square, Denmark felt far away.

Life is good up here a the Caribbean coast…

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6 Responses so far.

  1. I’m not a radio guy, but, wow, what a set up they have!

  2. Fred Bouwman says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Congratulations on your impressive ride through South America.

    Will you be taking a boat across to Panama?


  3. Thank you Fred, great adventure over here in South America! Now central America is next… and yes, I will be taking the ferry from Cartagena to Panama. Best wishes!

  4. Marcos C. says:

    Very, very nice pictures.

    Cartagena looks very charming with an Old World aura.

    Looking forward to your odyssey in Central America.

    Hopefully, would see some pictures as you bike along the Panama Canal…or, at least, close to it.

  5. Rob says:

    Wow, just checked back on your blog to see you’re still going! Seems like ages ago when I did my tour. Hugely impressed by how you’re living your life. Be sure to do the UK!

  6. Thanks Rob! Yeah, still on the road and still loving it 🙂 Best wishes!