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Day 1658: Goodbye Colombia

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Apr - 26 - 2015

I had only just returned to Cartagena when I new difficult decision had to be made. I love Colombia and I guess I wasn’t really ready to leave yet. I had envisioned another visit to the radio guys in Barranquilla, a hike in the Tayrona National Park, a swim at the picture perfect Playa Blanca, and most importantly a visit to a certain special someone further down south.

I hadn’t completely forgotten about Central and North America, and I was indeed very much looking forward to this part of the trip as well, but I felt I needed to say my goodbyes to Colombia and South America. That plan was challenged when I learned that the ferry that serves Cartagena and Panama was about to stop – in fact the very last departure would be in less than 24 hours.

I could probably have found an airplane ticket to Panama, but it would have been expensive and difficult with the bike. I decided that my goodbye with Colombia would have to come sooner than I had expected. The open road was calling again – and that is how it must be if you call yourself a world cyclist.

After picking up my Bianchi from my friend Pedro’s place I cycled straight to the ferry terminal. I was told to arrive at 3 in the afternoon. Then the waiting started… luckily the ferry was leaving from the cruise ship terminal which was not the worst place to wait after all. In fact it felt like being in the middle of a zoo.

Looks like I got an extra passenger! 🙂

At 8 in the evening the ferry finally arrived. At this point I was actually still not sure if I had a ticket or not. Another four hours of waiting in queues and luckily everything turned out OK. It was time for a final goodbye.

As I saw Colombia and South America disappear into the darkness, all I could think of was; Wow, what a time, what a ride. I will be back, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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6 Responses so far.

  1. It’s a shame the ferry service is stopping! Is that the Ferry Express one that had only been running since last year (after so many rumours)?

    It’s a shame you couldn’t get back down south again. But I’m sure you will. sooner or later. 🙂

  2. Robert Tailleur says:

    You are in your way to Newfoudland now. Be careful and enjoy the ride. Bon courage.

    Ruth & Robert

  3. Thomas, good luck in Central & North America. Have a save travel!!!

  4. Thanks a lot Markus! Great to be here in Central America, the adventure should be good here 🙂 Best greetings, 73 Thomas OZ1AA

  5. Thanks Ruth & Robert, yes now finally on the way to Newfoundland. Hope I will be able to arrive before the snow and ice 🙂 Best wishes, Thomas

  6. Thank you Stephen. Yes, this is the FerryXpress that the cyclists have been talking about. They say it might be back in October or November, but lets see… Best greetings from Panama!