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Day 1665, Santiago – San Lorenzo: Meeting the Ngäbe People

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on May - 10 - 2015

Distance: 115.60 km
Ride time: 7:19:40
Average: 15.77 km/h
Max speed: 55.34 km/h
Total: 34772 km

I knew I would be heading into more remote parts of Panama today and I was excited about what I would find there. Well, first of all a number of steep climbs to begin the day with. Luckily I found a small supermarket at the top of the first climb – I was getting very hungry by then.

Then it was down towards the humid low land again. The small villages I passed were mostly inhabited by the indigenous Ngäbe people wearing their traditional dress. Trying to learn a little about their culture made my lunch break more interesting than usual. It is really a different life out here in the villages compared to the Big Business in Panama City.

I hadn’t got many hours of sleep in my tent last night due to the heat and the mosquitoes. For this reason I was hoping to find a room for the night in the village of San Lorenzo. Unfortunately that was not happening, and so I started looking for a wild camping site for the 2nd day in a row. It’s a long time since I haven’t passed a hotel in two days – probably somewhere on the altiplano in Bolivia. Back then it was -10°C every night. I was almost wishing myself back to these fresh nights as I battled another night with excessive heat and humidity at the road side.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. “There’s always something to look at, if you open your eyes.” The Fifth Doctor.

    How true is that quote! You’ve seen some amazing things, on this journey. I’m always intrigued by every post you write.

  2. Very true Stephen, it’s an amazing world out there!