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Day 1674 – 1675: Orotina – San Jose, Costa Rica

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on May - 25 - 2015

Distance: 27.70 km
Ride time: 2:22:04
Average: 11.70 km/h
Max speed: 44.82 km/h
Total: 35216 km

Only a short two hour ride to my friend Jorge TI2HMJ’s house outside of San Jose, but when all 27 km are uphill even such a short distance can be hard enough. Also way from the Pacific coast, Costa Rica continues to be a beautiful country.

After parking the Bianchi at Jorge’s place I joined his family for a Sunday ride into the capital. We went to the local market to sample some local dishes. Delicious!

The weather up here in San Jose at 1200 m above sea level is much more comfortable than down at the coast. I did very much enjoy having to wear long sleeves at night after the steaming hot weeks down at la costa. San Jose is a busy place – in fact many of the locals I had talked to out at the country side didn’t like it at all, but I enjoyed my walk around the busy downtown area. It is certainly an authentic city with a lot of life and without many tourists.

On my last day I was packing my bags once again as I will be taking a break from the cycling. Next stop USA!

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  1. Is that a railway bridge, in those top two photos? I wonder how much traffic it gets. Looks like a great place to spend doing a little railfanning. 🙂

    San Jose looks like a nice place. I could see myself spending a few days there, just people watching.

    I love the painted bicycle lanes on the footpath! I hope there aren’t too many collisions with pedestrians. 🙂